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What does a Website Cost?

Or more specifically, what do WE charge to build a website.


No really, we’re serious.

If you’re just starting down the path of evaluating web vendors, you’re probably wondering how much to budget for this effort.

If you’ve already received a few proposals, you’re probably wondering why there’s such a massive swing in pricing.

And for those getting impatient: $495, $995, $1,295, and $5,500+

(Keep reading to understand why… )

What to Consider when Evaluating Web Vendors

Technical Expertise- can they build a fast, responsive (that means it looks good on desktop, mobile devices, and tablets) and SEO-optimized website that plays nicely with both visitors and systems that rank sites to determine whether they’ll send traffic your way (side-eye to you, Google)?

Design Expertise- do they successfully illustrate a site design that streamlines the user’s experience and encourages engagement (and more importantly, conversion)?

Strategy- will they discuss your website goals and implement strategies across your new site to drive users down the decision-making funnel (leading to increased conversions and lead generation)?

What’s Included in the Build- Are you responsible for providing copy, or are they providing professionally SEO-optimized content? Are they providing stock images? Video? Are they using a template to start from or creating each page from scratch?


We're small biz owners too, and we understand that every dollar has to work twice as hard.

Not every business needs a Lamborghini right out of the starting gate (although, we wouldn’t say ‘no’ to one if it’s offered- just saying).

That’s why we have two very different approaches to building effective business sites at two very different price points. 

Our goal is to help you make the best decision for your business AND budget.

What Works Best for You, Works Best

The below comparison shows the difference in cost and in what’s included between our two build approaches so you can make the best decision for your business, budget, and time. 


An All-In-One 'Done-With-You' Web Solution
$ 995
+ $70/mo, 12 months ManagedWEB Services
  • 12 Month Initial term; Month-to-Month After
  • Up to 8 Pages
  • Template-Based Design to Reduce Development Time
  • Implementation of Your Logo/Colors for an On-Brand Look & Feel
  • High Performance Hosting & Maintenance for 12 Months

Nest-Egg Tailored Website

A 'Done-for-You' Strategic Web Solution that Drives Prospects
$ 3,500+
  • No Contract- Client Owns Site
  • Unlimited Pages
  • User Profile Strategy Creation & Integration
  • Site Orgainzation Strategy Creation & Integration
  • Conversion Strategy Creation & Integration
  • Custom-Built Pages Designed to Engage & Convert
  • Professional, SEO-Optimized Copy
  • Page-Level SEO Optimization
  • Professional Stock Images, Video, and Media
  • Integration with Google Suite (Analytics, Profile, etc)
  • Done-for-You Build Approach- All You Do is Approve


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