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We understand that as a small business, you’ve got to make every penny count. Whether you’re a start up, or brand new, your revenue doesn’t (yet!) support the typical marketing budget enjoyed by the big guys; which creates a chicken and egg type of challenge:

"I need sales to generate income to invest into a website...but I need a website to drive my sales!"




Ready to start your brand-spankin’ new business, but gobsmacked by high web development costs?
Did you try to ‘DIY’ and just got STUCK? 
Our Small Business website plan was created ESPECIALLY for you!


Submit Project Brief

You'll receive a step-by-step guide showing you how to submit your logo, color palette, and font choices so we can build the perfect site to promote your business.

Tweak Content & Images

Based on your brief, we'll build out your site draft within two weeks. You'll review and provide text/image updates via our easy-to-use online markup tool.

Approval & Site Launch!

Once you approve your site, we'll finalize the site for launch. This includes ensuring your site looks great across desktop, table, and mobile.

What's Included?

With NED LiteWEB, you get a professionally designed and optimized small business website – PLUS HOSTING – at a fraction of the cost of a custom-built site.


We do us and you do you. With LiteWEB, we do the heavy website lifting (design, formatting, optimization) and leave the easy stuff (content editing, images) to you! By combining our efforts, we reduce the total time it takes our team to construct the end result and can pass the time (read: cost) savings to you! 


Questions? Click below for more information:

To determine which option is best for your business, take into consideration the following:

Who are you competing against? Think about this from your prospect’s perspective. If they go to your competitor’s website, and then yours, how do you stack up? Don’t let your website prevent a prospect from reaching out!

Do you have other digital properties where prospects already find you? If you’re actively doing business and driving new prospects to engage with you on another platform, such as Facebook, or Etsy, then a single-page site may fit the bill for now.

What is your budget? If you’re just starting out and money is tight, having at least a one-page website can get you started at an affordable investment.

Are you leveraging search engine optimization (SEO)? Every page on a site can be optimized for a specific keyword. When combined with a site that performs well technically, it can increase the probability that a search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) recognizes that your page is relevant for that search term, and can drive visitors to your page as a result. More pages allow for more optimized keywords. This is especially important if your business offers more than one service or product.

Here’s exactly what happens after you select your desired plan and click ‘GET STARTED’

  • –  Review/sign the build agreement and provide payment
  • –  Complete the onboarding brief; follow our step-by-step instructions on how to submit your logo files, color palette, fonts, etc. 
  • – We’ll build out your draft site within 2 weeks
  • – Review your site; Provide text and image edits via our online collaborative notation tool
  • – We’ll implement your edits and optimize the site across devices
  • – You’ll do a final review and approve for launch

We get it, sometimes flexibility is needed as a projects with multiple elements starts to come together. 

If you have small edits after your initial review cycle, we’re happy to implement these tweaks as part of your final launch approval. 

However, to keep costs as affordable as possible, this doesn’t account for the time needed to execute a second full review cycle.

It truly comes down balancing the development time required to ensure a solidly built website with value and cost.

If you’d like extra time, we’re happy to add an additional review cycle to your site’s development- just to make sure everything is absolutely perfect prior to launch.

Take a look at this option in the LiteWEB Add-ons Section below. 


Once we receive your complete onboarding brief, we build out your draft site within 2 weeks. You’ll then be invited to review the site and submit requested edits through an easy-to-use online markup tool.

We receive and implement your edits, prep the site for launch, and return to you for a final review and launch approval. 

From start to finish, your new site can be live in as little as 3 weeks! 


A Small Business Website Solution
$ 1,500
+ $70/mo, 12 months ManagedWEB Services
  • 12 Month Initial term; Month-to-Month After
  • 1 Page Website
  • Domain Acquisition & Management
  • High Performance Hosting
  • WordPress Core & Routine Plugin Updates
  • Creation of Backups/Website Restores
  • Proactive Virus, Malware, & Bot Scans

LiteWEB Pro

An 'Everything Web' Package for Your Biz!
$ 2,500
+ $70/mo, 12 months ManagedWEB Services
  • 12 Month Initial term; Month-to-Month After
  • 5 Page Website: Home, About, Service 1, Service 2, Contact
  • Page-Level SEO Optimization
  • Text Alerts from Inquiry/Lead Form Submissions
  • Domain Acquisition & Management
  • High Performance Hosting
  • WordPress Core & Routine Plugin Updates
  • Creation of Backups/Website Restores
  • Proactive Virus, Malware, & Bot Scans
Best Value

LiteWEB Add-Ons

Customize Your LiteWEB Package

  • SEO-Optimized Copywriting (LiteWEB) $495
  • SEO-Optimized Copywriting (LiteWEB Pro) $995
  • Logo Creation $675
  • Additional Page $275
  • Additional Review Cycle $325
  • Blog Set-Up $275
  • Blog Set-Up & Migration $575


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