From Corporate Success to Entrepreneurial Fulfillment: Introducing the Founder of Nest-Egg Digital

Hi there! I’m Angela, the founder and strategic brain behind Nest-Egg Digital. Before we get too far down the path where I provide snarky opinions regarding the good, bad, and ugly regarding digital marketing, I thought I’d take a moment to share my entrepreneurial journey; where I started, what I’ve done, and how Nest-Egg got to where it currently sits today.

We’ll need to go back to the heart of the recession happening in the late 90’s (yea, I know. I’m dating myself). I had just landed my first “big girl” job and made the leap into homeownership by purchasing a condo. But amidst the excitement of these milestones, I couldn’t shake off the unease I felt witnessing peers who were losing their jobs simply as a result of the economy.

More worrisome- I had a mortgage now! The fear of financial instability hit me hard, and in that moment of panic that I uttered four simple words to myself: “I need a nest egg!” And Nest-Egg Designs was hatched.

Balancing my corporate ambitions with my entrepreneurial aspirations, I originally expected Nest-Egg to be a side gig. I worked with small local businesses when I had extra time, and focused on graphic design, logos, and branding. Keep in mind, this was back in the day- before digital had exploded into the market.

As I climbed the corporate ladder – initially starting as a graphic designer to eventually reaching executive status as the global product marketer for a leading marketing analytics SaaS platform – I continued to nurture and grow Nest-Egg where and when I could.

I was very fortunate; my corporate career track provided a very unique opportunity. While living and working in the Washington, DC Metro Area meant that most of the companies I worked for were selling into the Federal Market, many of the companies I worked for did not have big marketing budgets. This forced me to get really creative with my efforts. Figuring out what tactic, channel, and messaging resonated best with my target audience was an area where I started to really shine- mostly because this was the typical environment in which I had available to operate.

As I rose through the ranks, I was able to add management and training skills to my cap, learning how to grow, guide, and motivate a team to drive to achieving desired goals. The end result? I was directly involved, at a variety of levels (from strategy through to tactical execution) in a myriad of marketing tactics – right as digital marketing was completely changing the traditional marketing game.

Despite my wins in the corporate world, I felt a lingering sense of ‘but what else is out there?’ Admittedly, I was also pretty frustrated by the extensive red tape, endless meetings, and long delays inherent within the corporate environment. After a lot of thought, I made the decision to pivot fully to Nest-Egg Digital in 2016, driven by a desire to create something meaningful and impactful on my own terms.

Since then, Nest-Egg Digital has flourished, with a growing team, additional offerings, and clients located across the U.S., directly powered by the dedication of our talented team and the trust of our clients. Together, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses build their own financial safety nets in an ever-changing digital landscape.

My journey from climbing the corporate ladder to forging my own path as an entrepreneur has been one of growth, challenges, and ultimately, fulfillment. And as I continue to lead Nest-Egg Digital into the future, I’m excited to empower even more businesses to thrive and succeed.


Welcome to Nest-Egg Digital – where we’re not just building businesses, we’re building sustainable growth through proven marketing strategies.

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